Welcome to OpenCobolIDE documentation!

OpenCobolIDE is a simple and lightweight cobol IDE based on the OpenCobol/Gnu Cobol compiler and the pyQode source code editor widget.

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  • What’s New?

    What’s new since the last release, and what is planned for the next one.

  • Download & Install

    Instructions on where and how to install pyQode.

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I am by no way a cobol expert, I just had to work on a cobol project at my night school with an awful IDE (NetExpress on a Windows Xp virtual machine).

As I was writing pyQode (a code editor widget for python qt applications), I thought it would be the perfect occasion to show what pyqode can do and write a simple and lightweight cobol IDE that I could run on my favorite Linux distribution

I’ve only learned COBOL 74 and the IDE has been designed with this standard in mind.

I have no plan on working with cobol at the moment nor to learn a new standard but if you found a missing feature, feel free to open a feature request.

I’m always looking forward to make OpenCobolIDE better. Your advice is needed and will be very appreciated!